It's been a while...

My shop is currently closed, and will re-open on Monday 12th June.


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Wow, it really has been a while since I posted here hasn’t it!  

The main reason for this is simply that I’ve not had much in the way of new jewellery to share. I could sit here and list a whole bunch of reasons why, but truthfully, I think I’ve just been having a bit of a crisis of confidence.  There is SO much handmade jewellery out there now and I guess I’ve been struggling to set my work apart from others.  It seems to be getting harder and harder to come up with an ‘original’ design.  So new jewellery has been few and far between, and I’ve been keeping my shop ticking over with re-makes / re-workings of past designs.  Not that there’s anything wrong with this; having pieces that can be re-created easily saves a lot of time on photographing, description writing etc.

Ocean Blue

So, even though I’d only just returned from holiday, a couple of weeks ago I decided to close up my shops and take a little break.  

Lavender Fields

Without the pressure of orders, Etsy convos, photographing and listing, my love of designing has slowly returned.  Yesterday, I sat down quietly, picked out beads in one of my favourite Design Seeds colour palettes (coral pink, turquoise & cream – perfect for Summer!) and designed three necklaces!  Yes, THREE!  They still need a bit of finishing off, but I’m pretty pleased with this progress.  

Crocus Love

Anyway, my shops are now open again, and I’m still planning to list most of the jewellery that I made last month, so there should be plenty of new stuff coming soon…

‘til next time, 

Gill x